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It all started on 27th November, 1927. After a long and heated debate a group of 150 people set up a Basic Vocational School in Lubartów. From the beginning the school has aimed at fulfilling the needs of the town and its region by supplying it with a number of qualified specialists. Originally, it trained young people to become bricklayers, stove-fitters, smiths, tailors, shoemakers, merchants, shop assistants and interior painters. Since 1927, the school has been constantly developing. Its residence had changed several times until finally the school moved into its own building where it resides to this day. It is a two-storey building that consists of several classrooms, four computer labs, two gyms, a library, a staff room, a cloakroom, and offices. There is also a separate boarding house that can accommodate about 220 students, and a detached building for workshops. The school is renovated systematically mainly with the help of the students. On 1st September, 2000 it changed its name to Regionalne Centrum Edukacji Zawodowej (Regional Centre for Vocational Education). In 2001, every computer lab and the library got connected to the Internet, and between 2004 - 2005 the school building and its premises underwent a complete refurbishment.

Regional Centre for Vocational Education groups together various types of schools. These include:

technical secondary schools, profiles:

  • mechanical
  • electronic
  • trade
  • building development
  • economic

basic vocational schools, jobs:

  • an automotive vehicle mechanic
  • a bricklayer
  • a shop assistant
  • a cook
  • a hairdresser
  • a car sprayer
  • a panel beater
  • a metal smith
  • a locksmith
  • a blacksmith
  • an electrical fitter
  • a confectioner
  • a baker
  • a butcher
  • a carpenter
  • a tailor


Managerial and pastoral duties were performed by the head teacher Fryderyk Puła, who run the school and looked after the personal and social wellbeing of students under the supervision of teachers. The school placed particular emphasis on the necessity to thoroughly educate its students. They have an opportunity to learn foreign languages (German, Russian, and English), master basic computer skills in hi-tech computer labs, and build up their muscles by taking part in Physical Education classes. Besides, in case of learning difficulties or problems with discipline students can seek the educational psychologists help.

In January 2005 school gained a specialist software equipped computer studio. Education in this studio is similar to circumstances in a true enterprise. The studio allows to introduce specialization: computer aid of projecting in education of the mechanics' technicians. Approaching demographic decrease forces school to undertaking varied activities promoting school. Taking the part in Educational Markets is the opportunity to introduce educational offer of the school.

In year 2006 RCEZ received next two computer studios bought for European Union finances. Studio for electrical engineers was equipped with standards permitting to lead the practical part of external professional examinations.

Since school year 2006/2007 a multimedia centre is open for the teachers and students, who can use it whenever they want. Education of economist’ technician has started from that year.

Vice head teacher Tadeusz Drozd became the manager of Department of Education, Culture and Sport at the district authorities. Hanna Borzęcka was announced to be the next vice head teacher.

In a school year 2007/2008 Grzegorz Danił and Jarosław Małyska became vice head teachers.

In 2007, the school celebrated the 80th anniversary of its existence. The official inauguration celebrations of the school took place on 27 November 2007.

On October 13th, 2008, the school was given the new flag of the Regional Centre for Vocational Education Lubartów founded by the parents. The ceremony was attended by invited guests: Bishop Artur Miziński , Member of Parliament Jan Łopata, Vice-curator Mrs. Anna Dudek - Janiszewska, Visitor Bogdan Kruszakin, Priest Józef Huzar, the Local Government and the City District Lubartów Administrator Marian Starownik, Lubartów Mayor Grzegorz Zwoliński, representatives of the uniformed services, school principals, retired school principals, staff and teachers.

Subsequent years have brought change in management. In May 2010, the head teacher of RCEZ Fryderyk Puła was elected to be the District Administrator of Lubartów. Since that time, the head teacher of the school became Grzegorz Danił. However, since March 2011, the Principal of the Regional Centre for Vocational Education in Lubartów is Hanna Borzęcka. The position of deputy directors were appointed Elżbieta Rola , Grzegorz Danił and Zbigniew Zarzycki. Recently, our school's educational base was expanded to include valuable teaching aids for school education to make offer  more attractive according to the needs of the labor market. The modern, rapidly growing labor market needs trained and skilled professionals such as operators and programmers of CNC machines, working on technological solutions used in industry today. In order to meet the needs of facility a milling plotter DIGIMA VIC VR -900 with software was acquired and a new studio control system with PLC was launched, equipped with modern function generators, digital multimeters, digital oscilloscopes and microprocessor systems. School laboratories were also equipped with interactive whiteboards, and sports gym was equipped with electronic measurement results table games.

Since the school year 2012/2013 Regional Centre for Vocational Education offers education in schools: Vocational Technical School, Vocational School No.1, High School for Adults and Practical Training Centre. In November 2012 the school celebrates 85 - years of its existence. On this occasion, a ceremony was dedicated to the jubilee of the school, which was honored by the presence of invited guests: Lubartów District Administrator Fryderyk Puła, Priest Józef Huzar, a member of the Council of the District Tadeusz Kasperek and Parents’ Council Katarzyna Czubacka.

Currently, the Regional Centre for Vocational Education in Lubartów is a school educating for the variable needs of the labor market , which combines tradition and modernity.


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